Bespoke CD, DVD & Vinyl Manufacturing

Please review the artwork guidelines below before submitting the artwork for your CD or DVD project. If at any point you have any questions, please feel free to email our art department at



We will only accept layout files as Quark XPress documents; Adobe InDesign documents; Illustrator EPS or AI files; or (if absolutely necessary) Adobe Photoshop files. (Note: Because text in a Photoshop document is converted to image information as opposed to vector information(as in Quark, InDesign and Illustrator), the edges of your text will not appear as crisp on your finished product as they would if the text was provided in one of these other formats.) Please use A to Z Media's templates only. To access our templates, click here.


Please use the image below as reference when laying out your artwork in our templates

Your layout should extend all the way to the bleed line, but be advised that the trim line indicates where the printer will cut the final piece. The bleed exists simply to compensate for a possible, negligible shift in the exact cut line. If there is no bleed on your layout and the print is mis-cut by even 1/32", a white border would be visible on the edges of your artwork where the shift occurred. As a safety, it is also a good idea to keep text 1/16" from the trim line for the same reason.


Please include all of your files on CDR/CDRW or ZIP Disc. If you would like to upload your files directly to A to Z, please contact your sales representative and they can provide the appropriate info to you. Please do not send us your only copy of your artwork, and make sure you back up your files. Include all of the fonts and images used in your layout. Please do not include extra images, fonts or files that are unrelated to your job. All photo-based images must be in the TIF format at 300 dpi and in CMYK (for full color images), grayscale (if your image is to be printed in black only) or duotone (provide curves along with files.) Pantones should be used on CD labels ONLY unless you are paying extra to use it in your print materials.


A high quality printed proof is required for each layout file (disc label, traycard, inserts and booklets.) Full color is preferred. Please include a folding copy of your booklet. Unless your CD/DVD label is printing CMYK, your atwork should be provided with Pantone colors clearly indicated within your file - for silkscreening CDs and DVDs the Pantone Solid Coated and Pantone Metallic swatch books should be used when choosing the colors for your design. When using TIF files on a CD/DVD label, the resolution of your images should be at least 600 dpi (1200 dpi is preferable), otherwise the edges of your images will appear grainy on the finished disc. Avoid using percentages of a spot color on your disc as this will lead to a half-tone pattern on the film used to print your CD/DVD label and a subsequent pixelation on your finished disc. If we have to make ANY adjustments or conversions, a $75 per hour charge will be added to your overall production cost. We will notify you and get your approval before any adjustments are made if this becomes necessary.


Failure to meet all of the above conditions will in every case hold up production time.


Again, please feel free to contact us at before submitting your project if you have any questions regarding these requirements.